PNP Farms from above

PNP Farms

Paul DeWitte and Peg Haese

Shullsburg, Wisconsin (far SW corner of the state)
Call 608-965-3666 or email

Our Border collies and Polish Tatra LGDs
(livestock guardian dogs)

Harpo with stick
Harpo, one of our Border collie herding dogs.

Peg's dog Chico (Harpo's litterbrother).

Mac, Paul's first Border collie (Harpo and Chico's sire).

Limba and Annie
Limba, our Polish Tatra/Maremma livestock
guardian dog, with her kitten buddy Annie.

Limba and Shelley
Limba with her best friend Shelley (Annie's littersister).
The porch chair has a good view of the pastures.

Our LGD pup Rosa, from Janet McNally. She is a Polish Tatra/
Spanish Ranch Mastiff cross. Her sire Koci is Limba's grandsire.

Limba and Rosa in the snow
Rosa is growing up fast. They are watching Paul
plow snow after the big February 6 blizzard.

Rosa getting bored
"I'm bored. Let's go help."

Limba and new lambs
April 2008: Limba with Katahdin Snowflake's newborn girls.
Limba disappeared the next day and we never found her.

Rosa with the ewes
July 2008: Rosa out with the wool and Katahdin ewes and lambs.
April 2009: She has gone to a new farm without cats.

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